welcome to the future ucb|003

as someone who was born in the 80’s, the year 2022 was a far away land.
there was a lot of hope.
and now.. here we are:
no flying cars, but killer drones,
no hover board but these forsaken electro scooters, which get in the way everywhere,
unaffordable subway tickets and tesla tanks blocking the bicycle paths.
we didn’t stop the world hunger and we are closer to the climate catastrophe than ever before,
no harmony and the third world war closer than ever.
welcome to the future.


thanx a lot to all involved artist for the amazing tracks!

special thanx to nilereh for the clip & cover 


welcome to the future ucb|003 mix by death qualia

welcome to the future ucb|003 single tracks

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un.core.bar flyer teaser

after some little reworks new #uncorebar flyer are ready to share!
they will be spreaded around next time in some places in berlin.. so maybe u will find them in your favourite location 😉

this sweet little clip about the creation process of the flyers is made by my friends sina (regie, camera, cutting), marius (music) & me

un.core(ona).bar – the corona chaos compilation –

„if u can’t come to the party, the party comes to u“

while the covid19 pandemic cross around the world,
cultural life stood still.

the idea of this compilation:
to collect tracks from all the artists which played at
un.core.bar to bring a virtual party to ur home.

thanx to all supporters of this project :*
special thanx to marta for the clip

un.core(ona).bar – the corona chaos compilation – the Mix
un.core(ona).bar – the corona chaos compilation – all single Tracks

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